BUFFy, the weak body and mind killer

Workout, training, lifting, exercise session, keep-fit session…
It has many names, as well it serves many purposes, strengthening body, mind, focus and helping to build other healthy habits.

Lots of people have different opinions on when the workout should be done, in which part of the day. In my case, the morning workouts work the best.
We all know that waking and getting up in the morning can be difficult, especially in the winter, and the morning workout will get you prepared and hyped for the upcoming day.

Let us go a few years back and dig into my typical day, in this case, weekend day.
I would usually get up at 10:30-11 AM, and start my day around 1 PM, after coffee, scrolling through memes and breakfast which was the first thing out of the fridge or the takeout menu.  
It’s already after noon, and given that the work day for most people starts at 7 or 8 AM, you can say that almost 6 hours was wasted already. 
After doing basic chores, taking a shower and going to the grocery shop, I am ready for the afternoon nap.
After waking up from the nap, it is already around 7 PM, and evening time is usually when I go out for a couple of drinks with some friends.
When the drinking session ends I usually get home and go to bed.
Quite productive, eh?

Another drag about being worthless lazy excuse for a human is being sick almost all the time and having next to none physical strength which can be a drag on a daily basis.
And after a while it gets annoying when you can’t do some of the simplest things like opening a jar of pickles, or run to get out of the rain without almost dying of exhaustion.

Well, that ain’t right. So I decided to do something about it. 
The obvious recommendation by the internet was to start working out, but the question stayed where to start.
I saw this gym in the neighborhood so I joined, and man was everything heavy there.
I started going to the gym after waking up ( 10:30-11 AM), but after a while, the things were equally heavy which meant that there was no progress, even though the visually body did start to look different. 
It turns out that the progress was lacking due to working out on the empty stomach so I started to eat right before the gym and I  made things worse, I had no additional strength and my belly started to hurt. Only then I found out that at least 2 hours should pass between the meal and workout. I was already waking up late, which meant that I would finish my workout in the late afternoon and starting a day then was not exactly what I imagined when I decided to change the way of life.  
I started waking up 2 hours earlier so the workout would start at the same time.
This resulted in more enery and 2 additional hours of waking time daily. Progress.
I felt more empowered and I decided to take it to another level so I started eating the food that was little bit healtier, I started eating on time and the progress was amazing.

I saw that improvement made me happy and empowered so  my morning routine of memes, turned out into the learning and the afternoon nap, since I did not feel the need for it, turned out into the doing actual work or practice that I was learning in the mornings. 

Now its years later, I am waking up at 8 PM, finishing workout before noon and the amount of the work done during the day increased indefinitely. 
If for some reason I miss the workout I would not stop feeling guilty until I pay the due to my body in  a form of a quick home workout or a 30 minute run, and the body and the mind are very grateful for it.  
So if this sounds too cheese, give it a shot for a month or two and if it is not working for you, you can quit (you won’t) :).

Author: zeljkoskipic

WordPress developer, lover, and enthusiast. Ever-present internet person. Newbie blogger, casual (ex-pro) gamer. Resident DJ of my own living room.

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