Moving to another city

Some time ago I started learning about web development, coding, and WordPress.
Since I live in a small city, it was evident that in order to meet more people with similar interests, which is an integral part of growing in the field and eventually get the job, I had to move to a bigger city. 

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade was an obvious choice because of an abundant amount of people, conferences, meetups, and companies. It was a bit risky since the city was fast and chaotic for someone from a small town, but it was a right move and I was tenacious in my decision so I started preparing for the migration.

First thing I had to do was to find an apartment where should I settle. 
I was scrupulous in the search due to the fact that the city I am moving to is expensive and I had to careful in the planning of my expenses In case that my plans of progress would not go the way I envisioned it.

After I found an apartment I started preparing myself for the departure and starting a new life. 
I’ve told the landlord that I will be leaving soon so they can find new tenants for the archaic apartment that they were subletting to me for a tedious amount of time now.

I am an industrious and adjustable person and hypothetically everything should go fine, but I was playing it safe and did not want to carry to much stuff that would be a drag to move back if I fail to succeed in the big city. Since I had a house in a village, I went over there to ask my grandfather if I could leave my possessions in a spare room since he was credible and I knew my things would be safe with him. He had a rich life and gave me a few concise advice to make my transition easier. 

Now that I took care of the biggest issue, the only thing for me left for me to do is say farewell to a few of my friends and get on the road.

Author: zeljkoskipic

WordPress developer, lover, and enthusiast. Ever-present internet person. Newbie blogger, casual (ex-pro) gamer. Resident DJ of my own living room.

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