New Year Resolution

First of all, this is not a New Year resolution, it just felt right to name it this way since I’m writing the post now.

It’s a beginning of January and I spent the last week in Warsaw, Poland visiting friends for the holidays. The visit is soon to be over, they are at work and I had the time to put the thoughts and plans I have in a written word, which is actually the part of the something bigger that I had planed for some time now.

Lets go back few months ago when this trip was planned and what it took me to get here in the first place.
The friends that I am visiting moved here in September, from Belgrade where they lived previously. It was a day of their departure and they were having a Going Away party with couple of close and other friends.
The night itself was a roller coaster of feelings, I was happy since they are moving to a better life, sad because they are leaving and so on. Since I never handled my feeling well (even when I write this I feel kinda funny) I decided to get drunk, and you can imagine how that went. I will not go into details, but the night was very awkward and I was not proud of it the next day.

The thing that hit me the most was, they were my only true friends there and since I was stuck with my work which took me 12-13 hours a day, I liked drinking, I was starting to get fat and I had no idea how to make new friends I found myself in a very unhappy place.

The resolution

That is when I decided to change my approach to those things.
Since the only opinion I cared about was Andjela (we go way back before Belgrade, but that is a whole another story), one of two friends I visited, the other being her boyfriend Filip, I promised her that in 3 months I will visit them in Poland, stop drinking and get fit, all that in order of becoming a better person and meet more friends that would actually want to hang out with me, because lets face it, I was not a pleasant to be around.

It actually had nothing to do with her, as you see, but I just needed to make a promise, since my word is the thing I care the most, and I do not break it lightly.

I had 3 months to do those things and keep the promise.
So I joined the gym, stopped drinking and started eating healthy and on time.
Even after few weeks I noticed increment in the energy, bigger zest for life and more free time.
The free time actually stayed the same, but since I was not drunk, I was conscient more time and the day felt longer.
The energy and the time I had pushed me to pick up on a new skill or to learn anything I did not know, so I started learning Portuguese.
Why the Portuguese came to my mind is the story that is gonna be told another time, later this year when I visit Portugal, since that is one of the things I have planned for this year.

Needless to say, since I started this post with the fact that I am in Poland, I kept my promise and I did not get drunk since the day Andjela and Filip left Serbia, I lost quite a few kilograms, kept the healthy diet and I am on 56 days Portuguese streak on Duolingo 🙂

Parte Dois

This brings us the second part of the post where I will write down the plan for the next few months, five to be exact.
I will tell you about it in a second, right after I explain why there is gonna be another promise and another transition in the better self.
I did always fulfill what I planned and I did go forward in life in the past few years, but I never had the definite goal and the plan how to get to that goal. That randomness carried lots of stress, anxiety, and depression if something did not go according to the plan, which was as I said, non-existing. You can imagine the chaos.
In conclusion, everything you did good in the past seems relatively easy since it is already accomplished, but the carrying of the mentioned promise and the plan was not stressful at all because I had definite goal and time frame in which I have to accomplish it. It was the first time I truly understood what Napoleon Hill meant in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ said when he explained that you need to write the goal on the peace of paper, set the date when you are gonna accomplish it, and hang that paper where you can see it when you wake up and go to bed.
At the time I listened to the Audiobook I found that sentence pretentious, and of course, I did the things the hard way.
That is gonna change, since the definite goal and time to accomplish it made the realization of the plan so much easier and stress-less.

A month ago, I applied for a job at one of the well-known enterprise companies (I’m not gonna name it for a variety of reasons), and even I did good on the actual work part I did not get the job because of my English writing skills. My grammar and the correctness of the written word was not satisfying. New chance for applying is six months after the first failed attempt, so, in five months from now.

If it was another job and another company, I would probably move on and not care about it. I already have a job where I work what I like and I make decent paycheck, but the company I’m gonna get the job is simply the right place where I need to be. The beliefs, qualities and the people there are everything I could imagine and that is why I must be a part of it.
So we have figured out the time frame for accomplishing of the plan, which is improving my English written skill and getting the job, but now we need a plan.

The first thing I did, I picked up the English lessons, oh yeah, both of my friends that I am visiting are the English teachers, imagine that.
That is the reason why you are reading this post actually since my assignments aside from my Random Thoughts are being written down here.

At times I have difficulties communicating with people in the right way, and the part of my new job is gonna be direct contact with clients and when
I saw a quick application for a teacher/tutor position at the local co-working space, Share Square I decided to apply for that and the following reasons: In the past year and a half, I was a team leader at one of the best WordPress support companies. The part of my job was training new employees and I was already doing a good job sharing my knowledge, so it was a perfect opportunity to share my skills with more people and improve my people and public speaking skills. Aside from that, I will take me time to prepare and practice the lessons and you know what they say, a busy mind is a happy mind.

And the third part of the plan is spending more time on the support forum of the company as a part of the community, which I already am. The part of the job will be spending time on that same forum and it will be an amazing way to prepare myself for the duties I’m gonna have one I join the company.
And it will be a blast doing that the full time, as I need to do it in the free time now, because, yeah, I do have a current job which I have to put in the first place.

So this is it, this is the plan and the time frame.
In five months, in order to improve my problematic English writing and increase communication skills, I will attend English lessons, write one blog post a week and teach one class a week.

Happy New Year and good luck keeping your resolutions 🙂

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WordPress developer, lover, and enthusiast. Ever-present internet person. Newbie blogger, casual (ex-pro) gamer. Resident DJ of my own living room.

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