Informal email

What a pity you won’t be around when we arrive. Anyway, we’ll only be there for one day and I was wondering whether you could recommend a couple of local restaurants. Something that is fun and unusual would be great … we eat anything!

Hey, I am sorry that I’m not gonna be here the time you visit Belgrade, but I cannot postpone the trip by any means.

There are plenty of good restaurants here and I am sure that you will like the food, but here are two that I find most pleasurable for a nice quiet and tasty meal.

One of them is called ‘Opera’ and it’s located at Obilićev venac 30.
The ambient is nice and cozy, decorations are pleasant and warm, not flashy and cheesy like in some restaurants.
The part I liked the most is that the place is not too big but it has a couple of waiters, where the job could be done with a half of them. Since you know that I’ve been a waiter for a decade, and I know for a fact that can mean only that the owner cares about his employees enough to give them a chance to enjoy their work, and not to enslave them. The music is not too loud, yet again not to quiet so you can hear the people chatter. Calm light will help you relax while waiting for your food, which stayed in my memory as one of the tastiest meals I ever had. One more thing, the food did taste great, but when the waiter brought it to my table it also looked so good that I almost took my phone to take a picture of it.

Restaurant “Opera”

If you are more in the mood for a domestic taste, at Makedonska street there is a fine kafana called ‘Grmec’.
In a flashy city, like Belgrade, it is hard to find a restaurant with the Balkan looks, quality service and, of course, tasty food.
It is nothing like you’ve seen in an ordinary restaurant, the walls are white with the photographs of famous actors hanging, tables have squared tablecloth, waiters in white shirts, black pants, and shiny shoes. The real feel of Serbia and Balkan. I often go there when I feel homesick and want to eat something not too fancy. All in all food is great, but I would recommend trying ‘ćevapi’ or ‘mućkalica’

“Kariran Stolnjak”

I know you said that you would eat anything, but that does not mean that you should, so I would definitely not recommend going to the, so-called Whiskey Bar ‘Rob Roy’. Why? Just trust me, better get something from a street vendor than go there.

I wish you a great time in Belgrade, and I hope to catch up with you next time you visit.


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