New York Times

As a part of this task I was supposed to read one article on The New York Times website and give my opinion in a form of a comment there.
But, I went in a different direction so I’m gonna give my opinion about WP Tavern and article(s) that I read a few days ago.

The block editor and the navigation menu creation are creating a union.
The navigation menu is gonna be moving from the Customizer and Appearance screens to the block editor, that was introduced a few months ago as a core part of WordPress.

I really like the idea of menu creation in the block editor as the editor itself.
Even though the block menu is still in the development phase and the block editor is still young and, in my opinion, cannot compete with the third party solutions that already exist, I am thrilled by the idea and the WordPress plan for the future.

At this point, if t you want to build your site, or you are starting your WordPress career as a site builder or a developer, you will need to purchase a variety of tools (there are free solutions as well, just to be clear), such as theme with the styling and customizing options (Divi, Astra…), page builder (Divi, Elementor, VC), menu (Uber Menu, ShiftNav) and so on.
It can be pricy. I remember my first paying project, it was a not that small website, for a local business which I charged $150. The membership plan that allows you to use the mentioned Divi theme costs $89/year. Other than that we need a menu, social network integration, newsletter…

As I said, it is still early for the blocks to compete with the mentioned tools, but it is definitely on the right path.
As I see it, it will be a unified solution for bloggers, site builders, and developers. With everything you need built into the core, you will not need to search the best solution for this and that, you will not have to give loads of money to fulfill your or clients needs, simply run famous 5 minutes install and you are all set.

What I saw missing on the sketch of the new navigation flow is adding classes to items, but I am sure that it won’t be missing when the feature becomes part of WordPress.

Disclaimer: I do not own the posted images, images are the property of WP Tavern and

Author: zeljkoskipic

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