I am back

It’s been over 3 months since I wrote my last post and I feel bad about it.
I did have good excuse for, though.

First, I had major dental problem which led to two surgeries and 3 months of constant dentist visits. All in all, everything went fine and I got back on track and what troubled me, now its gone.

Because of that I had a lot of work that fall behind the schedule, which was the first thing I had to sort out when I got back on track.

But, not all excuses on this list were bad. I was traveling a little and visited 3 amazing conferences and met many quality people.
All three of them will get their own post in time, since I have so much to say, and it will help me ease my mind, since I am thinking about them all the time, because I do not want to forget anything 🙂

The first one was the Support Driven Expo, held in Belgrade. This one was most overwhelming. I recently found out for this community and I had no idea who are those people and how they all got together, given that they are not connected by a company, or software they using, they are just folks who work in support, and they are driven by it(see what I did there :)).
I hung out for a few weeks with them on the Slack channel, and I saw some familiar faces from the WordPress world, which I never met before and I was looking forward to meeting them in person.

Next one, WordCamp Nis took place in May and as the title of it say, in the Nis city. It is located on the other side of the country so I count this as a road trip. I’m not gonna go much about it right now, since it is getting separate post, as I mentioned earlier, but I had a blast there(as on every other WordCamp) meeting people, volunteering and climbing up the stage as one of the speakers.

The last but not least, WordCamp Europe 2019. Best. One. Ever. It was held in Berlin, which I never visited before. I went there by car, with 2 other members of WordPress Serbia community. It was quite an honor for me to go on a trip with them, since they are well know in the WordPress community in Serbia, and wider. I am newbie member and I even did not work with WordPress that long, merely 3 years. I don’t even have to say that I had superb time during the 3 days of the conference and 4 other days we were in Germany.

All that being said, I am done with the health problems and trips(for a bit) and I’m looking forward to resuming the blog, English classes and the WordPress.com forum activity.

Author: zeljkoskipic

WordPress developer, lover, and enthusiast. Ever-present internet person. Newbie blogger, casual (ex-pro) gamer. Resident DJ of my own living room.

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